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Launched in 2012 as Ministry of Supply, Ministry is an apparel company that uses performance technology and tailored design to solve everyday problems associated with traditional wear-to-work clothing. Taking a human-centered approach, Ministry studies how people move through the modern workday – from commuting to afternoon coffee to happy hour – then uses advanced materials and innovative construction techniques to develop thoughtful, versatile garments that are truly in sync with what people need daily.

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Let's Get Crafty
Craft your own flavors or choose from Nuts & Chocolate, Black & White, or from The Classics and get them shipped!

Rooted in PERI-PERI
Everything we do at Nando's is rooted in PERi-PERi. Learn about the magic wonders of this chili pepper and share the love

Little Drops of Sweet Heaven
The co-founders of Georgetown Cupcake, stars of Cupcake Cam LIVE and DC Cupcakes on TLC, and best-selling authors of The Cupcake Diaries and Sweet Celebrations bring their culinary creations to your doorstep.

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