Capital Crescent Garage


 7171 Woodmont Ave Get Directions
Bethesda, MD 20814

648 spaces available now

updated: 3:00pm Thu Nov 23


This new County garage with over 1,000 spaces opened in January 2015.  Enter from Bethesda Ave or Woodmont Ave.

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Happy Hour
HAPPY HOUR DELUXE MON – FRI, 4pm – 6:30pm (bar + patio only) AFTER HOURS (DRINKS + DESSERTS) SUN – THU, 10pm – 12am / FRI + SAT, 10pm-1am (Entire Restaurant) Happy Hour including drinks, food, and dessert

Specialty Items
Many different specialty items including gluten free items, different kinds of unique wine, and more!

Specials Every Day of the Week
Check out our daily specials like Industry Nights on Monday and Wednesday and dance parties on Friday/Saturday!

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